Market & Consumer Research

Marketers today are dealing with a competitive environment that is evolving and changing at an unprecedented pace. Today's market is a place where customer attitudes and behaviours are continually shifting within an economy that is equally unstable. Forum Research's Marketing Research division will leave you with more than just data. Our determined industry specialists will work with you to uncover the answers necessary to drive your strategies and tactics to ultimately expand your company's share of the market.

Our division specializes in Corporate Image and Reputation, Demand Forecasting, Program Evaluation, Ad Tracking, Brand Equity, New Product Development, Usage and Attitudes, as well as Price Analysis and Segmentation. To meet these ends, our firm conducts critical research using a wide range of methods including, but not limited to, focus groups, executive interviews, online polling, in-depth business-to-business surveys, telephone polling, and Interactive Voice Response surveys.

Forum Research's highly-qualified personnel work to identify key customer concerns and then develop effective action plans with clearly defined goals and objectives to guide their market research. The data gleaned through our firm's research enables organizations to achieve their brand building and product development goals. Our customers range from media organizations, urban planning firms, IT, pharmaceutical, and business services.