Forum Fuzion Overview

The Forum Fuzion Platform is a hosted Software as a Service (SAAS) solution that enables enterprises to see through advanced analytics and the daily impact their business has on key stakeholders including their customers, employees, and partners. Fuzion offers advanced insight and intelligence on customer satisfaction, loyalty, intent, and sentiment not currently available for most businesses. The Fuzion Platform can also garner effective feedback from employees and partners on a wide number of topics. Insight and analysis are delivered in real-time with effective customized portal dashboards that can keep executives, managers, and employees up-to-date concerning the overall pulse of the company.

The Fuzion Platform is a universal analytics engine which is hosted in the Forum Research Operation Center and uses four technology pillars to achieve market leading results. Fuzion is based on industry standard text and speech analytics engines which use natural language processing to formulate effective customer feedback. Fuzion also uses a comprehensive social media monitoring tool which gives not only literal feedback, but rankings and sentiment scores based on the voice of the customer. The Fuzion Platform finally encompasses a state of the art dashboard and reporting platform that displays the results you want as well as the needs of your business. Reports can be viewed in the format of your choosing (desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device).