CallCenter Solutions

Call Center

Forum Research has a high capacity CallCenter located in Downtown Toronto for North American inbound and outbound calling programs. The CallCenter has 250 agents supporting 4 major languages English, French, French Canadian and Spanish and translation services for all international languages. The CallCenter is supported by an industry leading PBX with accompanying ACD software. The CallCenter is served by multiple T1's with burst capacity from a major carrier with co-location redundancy.

Quality Monitoring

Forum has invested in a industry leading Quality monitoring software tool. This software solution allows our supervisors and shift team leaders to perform scheduled and search functions on agent conversations with automated scoring ability. This tool allows Forum Research to practice continuous quality monitoring and improvement during our customers programs.

Predictive Dialer

Forum Research has an advanced Predictive Dialer imbedded within national operation center (NOC) to facilitate an effective and efficient outbound calling campaign for our customers. Our software driven dialer can perform outbound tasks in multiple configurations with multi-tenancy which allows for separate and secure reporting exclusivity. Our software can operate in Preview and Power dialing as well as Predictive to facilitate a high penetration rate and effective script program.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Our NOC supports an integrated IVR that can work for both inbound automated calls or outbound surveys or notifications. Our IVR supports advanced software based answer detection, which can filter out common false positives such as fax, answering machine, busy and network intercept. We also have the ability to filter and test our list prior to launch for a high penetration rate. Our systems also have the ability to perform right party procedures upon a positive connect.

Survey Software

Forum Research has an industry leading software program running which enables our CallCenter agents to go through a knowledge base program for conducting extensive and strategically important survey programs for our customers. The data input gathered during these interviews is then housed in a SQL database that can be immediately analyzed by our in house statistical research team. Each Knowledge base interview campaign is programmed by a certified software specialist and then placed in our quality and assurance process prior to being released to the CallCenter.