Forum Fuzion Overview

The Forum Fuzion Platform is a hosted Software as a Service (SAAS) offering that enables enterprises to see through advanced analytics and the daily impact their business has on key stakeholders including their customers, employees and partners. Fuzion offers advanced insight and intelligence on customer satisfaction, loyalty, intent, and sentiment not currently available for most businesses. The Fuzion Platform can also garner effective feedback from employees and partners on a wide number of topics. Insight and analysis are delivered in real-time with effective customized portal dashboards that can keep executives, managers, and employees up-to-date concerning the overall pulse of the company.

Assessment and Audit of the Current State

Assessment and Audit of the Current State – conduct a thorough and comprehensive exploratory research phase to assess the current data analytics infrastructure, data sources, and reporting tools currently available and utilized by the client.

Determining Areas of Opportunity

Determining Areas of Opportunity – Based on the exploratory research and supplemental interviews with targeted end users, Forum will develop a set of strategic and actionable recommendations for the improvement and design of an advanced analytics solution. Forum will outline any gaps and growth opportunities, audit policies and processes regarding digital records and privacy legislation, and prioritize future development.


Design – Visual mock‐ups, wireframes, and the development of a data schema are essential for working out interaction design and are a key tools in any interaction designer’s toolbox. These materials enable us to communicate ideas and check that they make sense before the development stage. The goal of the wireframe is to communicate functional and structural aspects of the site in tandem with an explanation of the design layout. The visual design of the website builds on the knowledge derived from the creation of the wireframes. By this we mean that during creative design, we keep site objectives, and user goals in mind to ensure that the final visual design is conducive to hitting all project targets.

Development of Solution

Development of Solution – After the project focus has been established, Forum will set out to design and develop a reliable and responsive Statistics Database based upon all knowledge gathered in the preceding project phases as well as the approved wireframes and report mock‐ups. This high quality data analytics solution will provide the client with the required web resource to achieve its organizational objectives.

Evaluation and Deployment of Analytics Solution

Evaluation and Deployment of Analytics Solution – After the data analytics has concluded, Forum will develop a beta version of the Forum Fuzion™ solution and begin the testing phase with a ‘soft launch’. Following the soft launch a series of stress, compatibility, security, functionality, and reliability tests will be conducted. Client feedback will also be required and any issues will be addressed and resolved. Once the data analytics solution has passed all tests, the final version of the solution will be hard launched.

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transfer – To ensure that the client is able to fully utilize the data analytics solution, Forum will develop a comprehensive reference guide and other training materials necessary for ongoing usage. Additionally Forum will host a series of training workshops and will be available for any additional questions that may arise after project completion.