About Us

Founded in 1993 and headquartered in the heart of downtown Toronto, Forum Research Inc. is Canada's most unique market research firm and has conducted market and consumer research for a wide range of clients in many different disciplines including but not limited to Market Research, Customer Satisfaction, Consumer Research, Customer Experience, Mystery Shopping, and Public Opinion Polling. What makes us different is that we are not only a market research firm but we are also a technology company. We combine the power of superior industry talent with innovative leading technology to provide our clients with the necessary insight to get the results they want. At Forum Research we specialize in 5 main disciplines:

  • Enterprise Feedback Management – Our "Software-as-a-Service", Forum Fuzion, provides insight into customer satisfaction and customer experience as well as customer loyalty, intent, and sentiment. This service, paired with extensive market research results, provides our clients with the knowledge and tools to drive their company goals and endeavors.
  • Customer Experience – Forum provides solutions for customer experience, loyalty, and relationship management. Our solutions assist clients determine where they stand in customer relationships and develop strategies to further improve client relationships and exceed customer experience and customer satisfaction.
  • Market and Consumer Research – Forum is a national leader in Consumer and Market Research providing its clients with unbeatable tactics and strategies to expand their shares of the market in brand building and product development. Furthermore, our market and consumer research divisions specialize in Corporate Image and Reputation, Demand Forecasting, Program Evaluation, Ad Tracking, Brand Equity, New Product Development, Usage and Attitudes, as well as Price Analysis and Segmentation. Our company has both quantitative and qualitative research abilities and methods to satisfy clients' needs including, but not limited to, focus groups, executive interviews, online polling, in-depth business-to-business surveys, telephone polling, and Interactive Voice Response surveys.
  • Retail and Branch Research – As a full service market research firm, Forum has resources to offer panel, commercial, and retail services to its clients through its in-house Field Representative audit solution and Mystery Shopping service, Service Metrics. Service Metrics offers solutions and insight into providing your customers with unbeatable customer experience evaluations.
  • Consulting Services – Delivering Enterprise Feedback, Customer Experience and Customer Satisfaction strategies, as well as Consumer and Market Research, Forum Research provides our clients with the insight and solutions to not only meet, but exceed, expectations.

Forum Research is also the owner and sponsor of The Forum Poll™, Canada's leading public opinion poll. Proven to be the most reliable chronicle of the public pulse in the country, The Forum Poll™ is our lens for analyzing and sharing the thoughts, feelings, and opinions of all Canadians regarding current and emerging social and political issues at municipal, provincial, and federal levels. In surveying federal, provincial, and municipal political and social issues on a regular basis, our company boldly explores public reactions to important current issues.

To add to the value that we bring as a market research company, affiliate, Service Metrics, is a full-service Mystery Shopping provider with extensive field membership across the nation, amounting to over 8,000 between all communities in each of the provinces. The members of the Service Metrics Team specialize in providing on-site and face-to-face market and consumer research of a quality unmatched by any other market research firm in Canada.

Your search for quality market and consumer research solutions comes to an end with Forum Research. Our respected market research team, with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled national coverage, guarantees our ability to produce impactful and informative results that will enable our customers to make meaningful, strategic business decisions. Our vast expertise in the market research industry will be an essential tool to enable the development of all of your company's goals and endeavours.

CRIC Accredited Agency


Forum Research Inc. is a Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) Accredited Agency. The CRIC acts as Canada’s voice of the Research, Insights and Analytics profession both domestically and globally, advocating with regulators for sound policy and regulations that encourage a supportive environment for research, insights and analytics. As a member, our firm adheres to industry best practices and the highest standards of ethics through all of our operations and service offerings. We abide by the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data Analytics, and follow all regular updates as required.