Retail & Branch Research

Here at Forum Research we prize our unrivalled Field Representative audit solution, Service Metrics. The Service Metrics methodology, technology, experience, and customer satisfaction are unique in the Canadian field audit industry in that our capabilities and the quality of our data exceed our competitors. The Service Metrics Team maintains a coverage pattern for every community in Canada with more than 8,000 active field representatives to its name.

Our services include:

  • Panel Services

    • Virtual Panel
    • Random Digit Dialing Panel
    • Automated Panel Surveys
    • In Field Surveys
  • Commercial Services

    • Branch Office Audits
    • Competitive Field Analysis
  • Retail Services

    • Retail Mystery Shopping Audits
    • Point of Sale and Service Delivery Observations
    • Intercept Shopping
    • Pricing Studies
    • Competitor Shopping Programs

Our Quality Assurance processes and automated systems enable us not only to meet, but exceed our customers' expectations. Moreover, the capabilities and experience of our team affords our clients the best and most cost-effective field data in the industry. With a growing database of over 8,000 field representatives, we guarantee service coverage throughout Canada. In addition, our broad field representative base permits us to rotate representatives regularly, further ensuring that our results are accurate. We have developed a reputation for excellence through our close interaction with the intricacies of customer businesses, and implementing exceptional field solutions. The fact that we operate in both of Canada's official languages also adds to the high level of service that Service Metrics offers.

Our capabilities and experience will provide you with the best customer experience evaluation data in the industry in a cost-effective manner. Most importantly, our previous successes illustrate that the Service Metrics Team operates in a fashion that does not only focus on data collection; we have our customers' best interests at heart along every step of the process.

Evidence of our success in exceeding customer expectations is clearly demonstrated by more than 19,000 completed field audits each quarter.

Coupled with our established experience, Service Metrics stands alone in the customer experience evaluation industry because of its focus on quality in every aspect of its business. We are proud of our industry leadership in utilizing state of the art technologies that deliver high-quality, accurate data in a time-sensitive environment. We are, however, unique in our management belief that blending innovative and customizable technologies with old-fashioned, personalized customer service, works to produce the most desirable results. Our team members believe this philosophy to be a powerful statement of our commitment to a long-term partnership with our clients paired with an understanding for an ever-changing world.